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Welcome to Vernon, a celebrated place to live, work and visit. 


The mayor of the Town of Vernon is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the town, and is elected at large for a term of two years. The mayor also serves as the official head of the town for all ceremonial and military purposes (Town Charter, Ch. 10, § 1).

As CEO, the mayor is directly responsible for the administration of all departments, agencies and other officers in charge of persons or boards appointed by the mayor (Town Charter, Ch. 10, § 2). The mayor also has additional powers and duties enumerated by the Vernon Town Charter, including, but not limited to:

  • The mayor sees that all laws and ordinances governing the town are faithfully executed (Charter, Ch. 10, § 2).
  • The mayor attends in, participates in, and delivers periodic reports at town council meetings (Charter, Ch. 10, § 2 and Ch. 5, § 2).
  • The mayor prepares the Annual Town Report upon the close of the town's fiscal year (Charter, Ch. 10 § 2).
  • The mayor prepares and submits an annual budget to the town council (Charter, Ch. 10, § 2 and Ch. 12, § 5).
  • The mayor has the power to appoint department heads and other officers, with minimal exception, and a majority of council approval (Charter, Ch. 10, § 3).
  • The mayor shall exercise such other powers and duties as may be required of the mayor by ordinance or resolution of the town council (Charter, Ch. 10, § 2).