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Scenic Road Ordinance

One of the Vernon Conservation Commission's recent accomplishments is the establishment of a Scenic Road Ordinance No. 256. The goal of the ordinance is to preserve the beauty of roads that show the town's natural and rural historic character.


What does the Scenic Road Ordinance No. 256 do?
The ordinance applies to Vernon's rights-of-way along town roads which, in most cases, is just a few feet beyond the curb. It does not substantially limit what a person can do with their own property. The purpose is to prevent the removal of historic stone walls or stands of substantial trees, thereby changing the entire appearance of the scenic road.


Where are the scenic roads in Vernon?
Four roads, or portions of those roads, have been designated Senic Roads:
Valley Falls Road, From Bolton Road to Tunnel Road, 1.40 miles;
Reservoir Road, from Bolton Road to Walker Reservoir East, 1.70 miles;
Baker Road, from Reservoir Road west for a distance of 0.46 miles; and
Bamforth Road, from Bolton Road to Baker Road, 1.17 miles.

The designated Scenic Roads traverse the pristine woodlands of the Belding and Tankerhoosen Wildlife Management Areas, and pass historic farms, Old Vernon Cemetery, stone walls and mature trees. A special sign was designed to identify the Scenic roads, with one placed at each end of the roadways.


How do I apply to have my road designated as a scenic road?
Applications are available at the Vernon Planning and Development Department, 55 West Main St, 2nd Floor.