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Welcome to Vernon, a celebrated place to live, work and visit. 

Vernon Conservation Commission Adopt-a-Trail

Vernon's Adopt-a-Trail program involves businesses and residents in the maintenance, enhancement, expansion and proper use of the Town's existing 30-plus miles of trails, thus increasing educational opportunities and exposure to nature in our own back yard. You may participate as a Sponsor or as a Volunteer.

A business or resident may become a Sponsor of a trail section by donating $200 annually, either in tax deductible cash or in-kind materials. Donations would be used for all aspects of the program including, but not limited to, office-related administration expenses, volunteer support and recognition, and the costs associated with actual trail work. You may select the trail section you wish to sponsor, or program staff can assign one for you. A sign posed on that segment would identify your participation in the Adopt-A-Trail program.

Vernon Greenways Volunteers:
The trail work is done by the members of the Vernon Greenways Volunteers, our resident volunteer program. Volunteers may select one of three participation levels: Trail Manager (overall responsibility for a segment of the trail and/or supervision, education and technical expertise for projects), Trail Worker (work force for trail projects) and Greenways Monitor (identify and report problem areas for correction and participate in low impact projects). If you wish to learn more or participate, please contact Don Bellingham at 872-6061 or e-mail him at