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Common Voting Questions

Requirements to be able to register to vote


To register to vote you must be:

  • A United State citizen
  • A resident of a Connecticut town
  • At least 17 years of age

If you have been convicted of a felony and completed your confinement and parole, you can regain your right to vote. You must contact your local Registrar of Voters to get your right to vote restored.

Will I ever have to re-register to vote?

Yes, if you move to another Connecticut town.
Yes, if you change your name (for example, by marriage), or if you move. If you stay in the same town, update your address with the Registrars of Voters.

If you receive a postcard or letter from the Registrar of Voters asking if your name and address are still current, please SEND IT BACK to ensure your name is not removed from the voter list.

Can I register to vote before I am 18?

  • You can preregister beginning when you are 17 years old. You will then be automatically added to the voting roles and be eligible to vote when you turn 18.
  • If you register with a major political party when you are 17, you will be allowed to vote in that party’s primary as a 17-year-old as long as you turn 18 by the time of the November Election.

Will I be called for jury duty if I register to vote?

Jury lists are selected randomly from lists provided by:

  • The Department of Motor Vehicles
  • The Department of Revenue Services
  • The Department of Labor
  • Registrars of Voters
  • Certain Social Services Agencies
  • Utility Companies

Choosing not to register to vote does not keep you our of the state's jury pool.

Do I have to Vote in any special place?

Yes, you must vote in the polling place that is assigned for where you live. Ballots are different and based on on voting districts, so in order to voter for your representatives you must cast a ballot in your voting district.

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