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Welcome to Vernon, a celebrated place to live, work and visit. 

Crumbling Foundations

Vernon Residents:

     On 8/16/2016 the attached letter was sent to residents in the Town of Vernon who had a home built or an addition added between the years of 1980 and 2003.  I put this letter on our web page so that it can be accessed by anyone we may have missed and is also available to the public.  Although the years used in this mailing ended in 2003 it is not the last year of this terrible situation.  The state uses 2003 as the last year that a home was found with the bad concrete but the company involved did not stop providing the affected concrete until 2016.  Unfortunately I believe that we will continue to see this problem as we move forward.  I will continue to add updates as we get them. Click here.

Mayor Daniel A. Champagne


Connecticut Foundations Solutions Indemnity Company.

Foundation testing assistance.

The testing program for Vernon, Ellington and Stafford has ended. May 2024

5-16-2022 - Foundation Testing Program Available for Homes Built Between 1983 and 2015 in Vernon, Ellington and Stafford

10-02-19 - Meeting Notice - VERNON'S REGIONAL CRUMBLING FOUNDATION TESTING PROGRAM: Informational Meeting 

VERNON’S REGIONAL CRUMBLING FOUNDATION TESTING PROGRAM BEGINS: Informational Meeting Scheduled for Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019

Regional Crumbling Foundations Testing Program - The Towns of Vernon, Ellington & Stafford

08/21/2018 - Public Hearing Notice

Where can I send my letter of support for Vernon, Ellington and Stafford’s application for CDBG Funding for a Regional Crumbling Foundations Testing Program?

CT Department of Housing - Crumbling Foundations

For the latest updates from the Capitol Region Council of Governmentsclick here.

CRCOG Foundation Testing Reimbursement Program

CT Office of Legislative Research - Select State Actions on Crumbling Concrete Foundations

Final Report On Cause of Crumbling Foundations (01/03/17)

Mayor's update letter to residents - Crumbling Concrete (12/12/16)

CRCOG Proposed Legislative Agenda (DRAFT) (12/2016) 

Map of Towns affected by Crumbling Foundations (11/29/16)

FEMA’s Reply to Governor Malloy’s request for assistance (11/8/16)

Malloy Calls Crumbling Concrete Foundations A Natural Disaster, Asks FEMA For Help (10/19/2016)

AGENDA - CRCOG Ad-hoc Working Committee on Crumbling Foundations (10/5/2016)

Courtney, Blumenthal, Murphy, Larson Urge Insurers To Participate In State Relief Program For Crumbling Foundations (8/9/16)