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Welcome to Vernon, a celebrated place to live, work and visit. 

Vernon Police Department Divisions

There are several divisions in the Vernon Police Department and each plays a crucial role in protecting and serving the residents of Vernon, and those who visit our community each day. Please click each button below to learn more about each division.


Patrol Division

The Patrol Division functions as the backbone of the Vernon Police Department. It is the most visible unit of the department, serving as its eyes and ears and committed to serving the community in a competent and proficient manner.

The Patrol Division's definition of providing Police services is a lot more than just writing a ticket or taking a report.

Detective Division

The Vernon Police Department detective division is comprised of five detectives, a detective sergeant, and a detective lieutenant. The detective division is assigned complaints/cases that require specialized investigative procedures and techniques. The detectives handle investigations of homicides, crimes against persons and property, arson, fraud and many other criminal cases that are categorized as complex and long-term.

K-9 Division

Since the earliest days of the 20th Century, police dogs have worked alongside police officers to protect and serve the people of Vernon.

Today, the specially trained dogs and handlers of the Vernon police K-9 unit (K-9 is way of referring to a police dog) help track and apprehend suspects or people who are lost, search buildings, detective drugs and other contraband, protect their handlers and help build police-community relations.

School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer, who is assigned to Rockville High School, serves in a variety of roles. The officer helps break down barriers with Vernon's youth by creating opportunities for positive interaction. The SRO also responds to and investigates incidents that occur in the school, conducts investigation and, if necessary, make arrests. The SRO is also a resource for students, helps teach a course, works closely with counselors and is otherwise a member of the school community. The presence of a police officer in the school can also serve as a deterrent to crime and help make the school safer.

Drone Unit

The Vernon Police Drove unit, which is also referred to as the Aviation Unit, has members trained to fly drones and serve as observers during drone operations. Drones can serve in a variety of roles to assist police, including finding people who have become lost, tracking criminal suspects, and gaining visual access to an area during a critical incident.

Records Division

The Vernon Police Department Records Division is the custodian of the reports and records produced each day by Vernon Police Officers. It is also where the public goes to obtain records, such as accident reports. For more information about the Records Division and the other roles it serves, please click HERE.

Animal Control

The officers of the Animal Control Division enforce state laws and town ordinances pertaining to animals, responds to calls involving sick wildlife, maintain Vernon's Animal Control Facility and care for the animals sheltered there.

Training and Recruiting

All members of the Vernon Police Department undergo training throughout the year. The sergeant in the Training and Recruiting Division keeps records of officers' training, oversees training and ensures all officers are up to date with legal and certification requirements.

For more information about joining the Vernon Police Department, please click HERE.


The Vernon Police Department's Dispatch Division is the nerve center of department. Dispatchers are the first contact most people will have when calling for assistance. Therefore, our dispatchers receive constant classroom and on-the-job training to meet the current demands of the job.


The Capitol Region Emergency Services Team (CREST) was established in 1999 as a cooperative, regional response to critical incidents. Originally made up of officers from Vernon, Wethersfield, Glastonbury, South Windsor and Manchester, CREST has grown to 10 agencies. They include Coventry, Rocky Hill, Cromwell, Enfield, East Windsor and UCONN, making it the largest tactical team in Connecticut.

Crash Investigation/METRO Traffic Services

METRO Traffic Services is a regional unit that includes officers from Enfield, Manchester, South Windsor, Vernon, East Windsor, Coventry and Glastonbury. The team is called in to assist with the investigation of serious and fatal motor vehicle crashes that occur in participating towns. The tema also works together on enforcement efforts, including DUI checkpoints and seat belt spot checks.

Undercover/East Central Narcotics

The East Central Narcotics Task Force is a regional team consisting of officers from Vernon and several other communities who conduct undercover and other operations to enforce narcotics laws.

Dive Team

Officers are specially trained in SCUBA diving and can do everything from evidence to body recovery in ponds, lakes and waterways in Vernon, or elsewhere if needed.

Bicycle Unit

The officers of the Bicycle Unit bring a new level of service and community interaction to the work of patrol officers. The officers are able to get into places a patrol car cannot go, and have a greater opportunity to stop and speak with Vernon residents about matters that concern them.

Drug Recognition Experts

Officers specially trained to be drug recognition expert or drug recognition evaluator work to recognize impairment in drivers under the influence of drugs other than, or in addition to, alcohol. The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) coordinates the International Drug Evaluation and Classification (DEC) Program with support from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation.