Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where is my sewer connection and who is responsible for repairs?

A: If your house is connected to sanitary sewers, it is connected to the Town sewer main in the street by means of the house sewer lateral. The Town has records of where the sewer lateral is connected at the main sewer in the street but most likely has no records of where the lateral runs to the house.  If you are the property owner, you are responsible for installation and any maintenance or replacement of the lateral sewer from the house all the way to its connection to the main within the roadway.


Q: I have a septic system. Where can I find information regarding its location?

A: You may get information regarding your septic system from the North Central Health District at (860) 872-1501.


Q: Can the Town locate my property line?

A: The Town does not perform work on private properties for private entities, but we may have information in our records to assist in determining the property lines. You should contract with a private surveying company to survey your property lines.


Q: Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns about my water service?

A: Connecticut Water Company owns all the water lines in Vernon. They can be reached at 860-623-3355. If you are on a private well, you may get information about your well from the North Central Health District at (860) 872-1501.


Q: Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns about my gas service?

A: Eversource Energy owns all the gas lines in Vernon. They can be reached at 1-800-989-0900.


Q: When should a contractor call for an inspection?

A: The Engineering Department requests a 24 hours notice, so we have time to schedule all inspections.


Q: How can I find a contractor to get some work done on my property?

A: The Engineering Department can supply you with a list of licensed local contractors who can perform driveway, utility and site work.


Q: I’m planning to reconstruct my driveway. Do I need a permit from the town? If so, where do I get it?

A: Yes, a permit is required for any work performed on your driveway. Have your driveway contractor come in to the engineering office and take out a driveway permit. The fee for each permit is $50.


Q: I have a sump pump in my basement. Can I tie it in to the catch basin in front of my house?

A: Yes. Your contractor must take out a permit at the Engineering Department. The fee for this permit is $100.  After it is approved, you will also be required to execute a hold harmless agreement which holds the town harmless in the event the town’s drainage system backs up into your property. This hold harmless agreement can be obtained at the Engineering Department.


Q: Can my neighbor drain roof drains onto my property?
A: Your neighbor should not perform actions that could cause damage to your property. If your neighbor does cause damage to your property, then you may have recourse. Unfortunately, the Engineering Department would not be able to help since there is no ordinance which prohibits this kind of action on private property. This action would be a private civil matter between you and your neighbor. 

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